The Healing Consciousness – A Doctor’s Journey To Healing


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Beth Baughman DuPree MD shares the story of her journey from the world of Western medicine as the single best cure for breast disease to the understanding that Eastern medicine walks with it for the maximum healing of the body and soul of the patient. “When I began my career in medicine, my goals were very different than they are today. I give a great deal of credit to the physicians who trained me as a surgeon…. However,… it has been through my increased awareness of my spiritual growth… that I have truly come to understand the gift of healing that we, as physicians, have to share with our patients… I now understand that human interaction and connection are the most important things a physician can share with a patient…. It is the emotional and spiritual bond that transcends the phusical world in which we live.”

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The Healing Consciousness – A Doctor's Journey To Healing


Beth Baughman DuPree