The Gospel According to Christ


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Christianity is in crisis. We live in a time when millions of people profoundly misunderstand the message of the Gospel. They believe that being a Christian means little more than being a nice person. They view Jesus as a wise moral teacher who showed us how to live better lives, and they conclude that the love of humanity is our greatest cause and its progress our primary purpose. Whatever else may be said of this view of Christianity, it is certainly not what Jesus taught. It is an attempt to replace the concepts of sin, redemption, and salvation with the more socially acceptable virtues of tolerance, compassion, and social progress. It elevates humanity and the world above God and his kingdom and reduces Jesus to a mere moral philosopher. But who did Jesus say he was? What was the essential message of Christ? The Gospel According to Christ answers those questions by examining the words of Jesus, in their context and in their entirety. The answers will be shocking to many Christians.

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The Gospel According to Christ


Mark A. Stelter