The End Of All Worries – We Are All One


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Despite the great technological, political, and cultural accomplishments of the late 20th and early 21st centuries, there has been little real progress in other crucial areas of human development. Clearly, many deep spiritual human values are being sacrificed for selfish pursuits. Consequently, crime motivated by anger, jealousy, and envy, continues to increase while people of different social, spiritual, educational, and political backgrounds exhibit also self destructive behavior. The Author(s) believes strongly that the present educational model of separation in the Western world is responsible for this social trend and a shift in the existing paradigm toward the model of unity is essential for a real positive change in human behavior. We need to know who we really are and what is our real place in the universe. The purpose of this book is to provide evidence and motivation for the implementation of the new educational paradigm.

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The End Of All Worries – We Are All One


Irie Glajar