Genesis Of The Grail Kings


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The astonishing story of the ancient bloodline of Christ and the true heritage of the Holy Grail. Adam and Eve were not the first man and woman on Earth, but they were certainly the first of a kind. When the Israelites made their exodus from Egypt, their spiritual leader was not Moses, but Miriam — a queen and high priestess of the pharaonic succession. Joseph, the father of Jesus, was not a humble carpenter, but a trained alchemical metallurgist of the highest order. These and other contentious facts are disclosed for the first time in this remarkable study of the original kings — the early Pendragons, the unique royal ancestors of King David and Jesus. Drawing on files and hitherto secret archives of the ancient Dragon Sovereignity, Genesis of the Grail Kings tells the ultimate story of earthly kingship from its early Mesopotamian foundation. It reveals why the Messianic bloodline was so important, and explains in detail the true heritage of the Holy Grail. The Author(s) draws comparisons throughout between the biblical scripture and the historical documents from which the Old Testament is derived, so that a very different and highly controversial picture emerges. Here are the documented records of the hermetic Phoenix, the Philosophers’ Stone and the Tables of Testimony — records which give stunning insight into active longevity, the transmutation of gold and the anti-gravitational science of the pharaohs.

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Genesis Of The Grail Kings


Laurence Gardner