A Hearth in Candlewood


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With genteel grace and quiet fortitude, Emma Garrett presides over Hill House, a stately boardinghouse in the canal village of Candlewood, New York. She finds her purpose in caring for her guests, ministering to them with a generous dose of wisdom and humor. But when a “runaway grandma” lands on her doorstep, Emma’s need to fix every wrong places her in the midst of a family feud. Emma’s concerns heighten when her attorney, Zachary Breckenwith, delivers life-changing news, leaving Emma reeling from the implications. With her future suddenly uncertain, Emma longs to restore the peace of Hill House–for her guests and within her own heart. FIND A WELCOME RETREAT IN CANDLEWOOD AS YOU EXPERIENCE THE BEAUTY, FRIENDSHIP, AND FAITH IN THE LIVES OF ITS QUAINT AND COLORFUL CHARACTERS.

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A Hearth in Candlewood